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The concept of this site is simple, to propose both foreigners and the locals the best places to go in Mauritius and Rodrigues Island. Known to the world as paradise and termed by Mark Twain himself as "heaven", Mauritius has a plethora of incredible sites and is truly a remarkable island to explore. Visitors from around the world find their way here and there is good reason why.

Truthfully though, its locals sometimes do not even realize just how amazing the island is. Hence, that is why this portal was born. While thousands of tourists stream in and experience the "Mauritian experience", local islanders also seek out interesting new activities to take part in and often maybe do not realize just how much is available to them.


Mauritius is a volcanic island, located in the Indian Ocean, next to Réunion and quite close to Madagascar. It is a democratic and republic country. It is composed of other islands under its sovereignty, such as Rodrigues, Agaléga, Chagos Archipelago, Tromelin and Saint Brandon. In French, the island is known as "Île Maurice" and in native language, as "Moris".

Mauritius is well-known for its turquoise and white sandy beaches. Its climate and nature are amazing and it is one of the top African countries which has a decent cost of living as well as among the first in economy. There are different cultures and religions here as our ancestors are originated from different continents.

Moreover, the best things to do in Mauritius are water sports, hiking or trekking, learn on the country's history, its people and cultures, shopping, taste the various foodies, visit the top sightseeing and places of interest, and obviously, many others.


Are you making a plan with your friends or relatives? You do not know what to do and where to go? This section has compiled a wonderful list of the best places to go in Mauritius and Rodrigues Island altogether. There are 10 categories namely: Places of Interest, Beaches, Mountains, Waterfalls & Rivers, Museums, Nature Trails & Parks, Islands & Islets, Craters & Caves, Shopping Malls, Attractions & Nature Reserves, Religious & Spiritual Sites and the last one is Rodrigues Island. Hence, your bucket list is made easier now, enjoy!

Places of Interest in Mauritius

places of interest

Some amazing sightseeing and places of interest are worth to visit. If you are planning a day out with friends, consider these famous places of interest:

Chamarel Falls Viewpoint

Fort Adelaide

Chamarel Seven Colored Earths

Central Market Of Port-Louis

Albion Lighthouse

Vieux Grand-Port Ruins


Pointe du Diable

Pont Naturel

Black River Gorges Viewpoint

Government House (Parliament)

Bois Des Amourettes Jetty

Beaches in Mauritius


We all love to spend a day at the seaside, enjoying a cocktail on the sandy beach and have a dreamy life. Below is a list of the top beaches in Mauritius:



Trou aux Biches

La Cuvette

Pointe D'Esny

Belle Mare

Le Souffleur

Gris-Gris / La Roche Qui Pleure

Blue Bay

Poste LaFayette

La Cambuse

La Prairie

Mountains in Mauritius


Are you a hiker? Want something challenging? Grab your boots and backpack because here is a list of the best mountains to climb in Mauritius:

Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire

Pieter Both

Le Morne

Piton Savanne

Corps de Garde

Montagne des Signaux

Le Pouce


Deux Mamelles

Trois Mamelles

Le Chat et la Souris

Tourelle du Tamarin

Waterfalls and Rivers in Mauritius

waterfalls & rivers

Mauritius has many wonderful waterfalls and rivers where you can explore. You cannot miss them in your plans! The best waterfalls and rivers in Mauritius are:


Cascade de 500 Pieds

Chamarel Falls

Tamarind Falls

Rochester Falls

Alexandra Falls

Grand River South-East Waterfall

Mare aux Joncs Waterfall

Eau Bleue Falls

Exil Waterfall

Mamzelle Waterfall

Balfour Waterfall

Senneville Waterfall


Grand River South-East

Grand River North-West

Rivière des Anguilles

Rivière des Créoles

Rivière des Galets

Museums in Mauritius


Museums are important institutions to better learn and understand historical facts and events. Here are the top museums in Mauritius as follows:

National History Museum

Natural History Museum

Blue Penny Museum

Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Site

Eureka House

Château de Labourdonnais

State House

Mauritius Postal Museum

Photography Museum

Frederik Hendrik Museum

L’Aventure du Sucre

Domaine des Aubinaux

Domaine de Saint Aubin

Domaine de Bois Chéri

The World of Seashells Museum

Bank of Mauritius Museum

Martello Tower Museum

Rajiv Gandhi Science Center

Robert Edward Hart Memorial

Nature Trails and Nature Parks in Mauritius

nature trails & parks

A walk in nature trail or in a nature park will no doubt cure your stress. This is a list of the most famous beautiful nature trails and parks in Mauritius:

Nature Trails

Bel Ombre Trail

Parakeet Trail

Machabée Trail

Mare Longue Trail

Le Dauguet Nature Trail

Sophie Nature Walk

Gollum Trail

Daruty Forest Trail

Powder Mill Nature Trail

Mare Aux Joncs Trail

Trochetia Trail

Nature Parks

SSR Botanical Garden (Pamplemousses)

SSR Botanical Garden (Curepipe)

Bras D’Eau National Park

Black River Gorges National Park

Vallée D’Osterlog

Islands and Islets in Mauritius

islands & islets

We are surrounded by amazing islets where you can visit and enjoy a fabulous day. Consider these islands and islets in Mauritius when making plans:

Flat Island

Île Aux Cerfs

Île Aux Benitiers

Île D’Ambre

Ilot Fourneau

Île Aux Fouquets

Ilot Gabriel

Île Aux Aigrettes

Île De La Passe

Ilot Sancho

Volcanic Craters and Caves in Mauritius

CRATERS & caves

We still have some volcanic craters and caves which you can discover around the island. So, this is a list of the most known craters and caves in Mauritius:


Trou Aux Cerfs

Bassin Blanc

Grand Bassin

Trou Kanaka

Bar Le Duc


Pont Bondieu

Roches-Noires Lava Tubes

La Cave Madame

Volcanoes and Caves in Mauritius

shopping malls

Searching a place to shop in Mauritius? You have come on the right section. The best shopping malls in Mauritius are stated here:

Le Caudan Waterfront

Grand Baie La Croisette

Bagatelle Mall

Phoenix Mall

La City Trianon


Riche Terre Mall

Grand Bay Coeur de Ville

Flacq Coeur de Ville

Cascavelle Shopping Mall

Bo'Valon Mall

Religious and Spiritual Sites in Mauritius

religious & spiritual sites

Mauritius is well-known for having different religious and spiritual beliefs! In fact, it is one of the main beautiful cultural aspects this country has. In this section, you will discover a list of the famous religious and spiritual sites in Mauritius:


Grand Bassin / Ganga Talao

Jummah Mosque

Cathedral of Saint Louis

Kwan Tee Pagoda

Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice of Cap Malheureux

Sockalingum Meenatchee Ammen Kovil


The Shrine of Father Laval

Marie Reine de la Paix

Spiritual Park of Pointe des Lascars

Vortex of Riambel

Attractions and Nature Reserves in Mauritius

attractions & nature reserves

If you want to visit an attraction place or you are in search of adrenaline sports such as zip-lining, quad biking, Nepalese bridge crossing, horse riding gambling, etc, then this list of the best attractions and nature reserves in Mauritius is for you:


CASELA World of Adventures

La Vanille Nature Park

Champ de Mars Racecourse

Curious Corner of Chamarel

La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park

Chazal Ecotourism

Domaine de L’étoile

Lavilleon Natural Forest

Parc Loisirs de Gros Cailloux

Nature Reserves

Vallée de Ferney

Ebony Forest Reserve

Heritage Nature Reserve

Rodrigues Island

BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN rodrigues island

Situated around 620km away from Mauritius, Rodrigues is an island worth to visit. It is widely-known for its heartwarming welcome, various typical dishes and the tranquil atmosphere. In Rodrigues, you can hike, trek, participate in water sports, taste the local dishes, better know its people and even discover its fabulous sightseeing and places of interest.

The list of the best places to visit in Rodrigues is:

Caverne Patate | Trou D'Argent | François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve | Ile aux Cocos | Port Mathurin Market | Mont Limon | Cathedral of Saint Gabriel | Grande Montagne Nature Reserve | Ile aux Chats | Ile Hermitage | Mourouk Beach | Pointe Cotton Beach

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